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What sets us apart from other organizations, is that we intend to have direct contact with your student's educators, once we get permission from you as the guardian and also clearance from the school to be in contact with the teacher. I will personally email the teachers for lesson plans and notes to assure that your student will receive proper instruction that reflects what they are expected to know in the classroom. There is nothing more frustrating for a student than to learn a concept that their teacher didn't teach nor will test on from their tutor. As an educator myself, I understand just how confusing this is for the student and the teacher. We intend to build on the foundation that the teacher set and help fill any gaps. We will also provide more challenging services for our advanced students who may be ahead of their class. It takes a community to properly prepare a student for a successful educational career, and we would very much like to be a part of your community.

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We equip and empower students to not only take responsibility for their learning, but to also develop confidence in their abilities while garnished with support in a safe learning environment. As an organization we intend to provide the best products, services and customer care possible to our clients. 

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